Our Menu

Carnivore + Herbivore Burgers + More


  • The "Prowl" Classic

    1/3lb beef patty topped with american + bacon, LTO

  • The Alpha

    Beef patty topped with house made fire sauce, sauteed onions, sliced habaneros + habanero pepper jack cheese

  • The Mate

    All white meat fried chicken patty, topped with bacon pimento cheese, spicy fried pickles + buttermilk ranch drizzle.


  • The Beta

    Chipotle black bean edamame burger topped with corn salsa + jalapeno lime veganaise on a vegan bun.

  • The Omega

    Crispy falafel burger with pickled beets, cucumber + lemon tahini drizzle, LTO on vegan bun

The Pups

  • Chicks on a Stick

    All white meat chicken nuggets w/ fries

  • The Pup

    1/3lb beef patty on a bun w/ fries


  • Homemade Potato Salad
  • Battered French Fries
  • Fresh Garlic Rosemary Kettle Chips


  • Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Mr. Pibb
  • Boxed Water